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South Plainfield Football Tigers

  • This is my child's first time playing football. Is it safe?
    Yes, it is safe! Players are taught proper stance, positioning, and tackling techniques to avoid any head injuries by our coaches. Coaches STRONGLY discourage head-on tackling and reinforce proper technique. Our coaches and members of the football board are certified in First Aid, CPR & AED. For any other questions and concerns, please reach out to us in our contact form, coaches or members of the football board.
  • What are the fees involved for each team?
    Flag League: Ages 5 & 6 Registration Fee: $125.00 Includes Personalized Jersey Work Bond: $100.00 To be returned when bond requirements are met. Tackle League: Ages 7-13 Registration Fee: $225.00 Additional $60 Uniform Fee for new athletes or returning players who would like a new jersey. Last year’s jersey will be used for the 2024 season. (Total $285.00) Work Bond: $150.00 To be returned when bond requirements are met. Sibling Discount: $20.00 What's included in the registration fee: player insurance, NJAYF Fees, & football equipment. Football equipment will be returned at the end of the season. This includes game day pants, helmet, shoulder pads, flags, & practice pant/jersey. Athletes will not be able to participate unless registration fee + bond have been fully paid. Bond to be refunded at the end of season upon successful return of all football equipment & completion of volunteer requirements.
  • What are the requirements to receive your bond back?
    Complete 4 Home Game Duties per Family Field Setup, Kitchen, Field Clean Up, etc. Sell 1 50/50 Book per Family Equaling to $100.00 Participate in Canning Fundraiser per Player Buy Out - $75.00 Your bond will be returned at the end of the season upon completion of ALL OF THE ABOVE. If incomplete, your bond will be donated to the organization.
  • What types of levels of youth football do you guys offer?
    Our program offers Flag Football for 5 & 6-year-old boys and girls and Tackle Football through 8th grade. We compete in the New Jersey AYF Jersey Shore Conference.
  • Where are you guys located?
    Our game and practice fields are located at 832 Kenneth Ave, South Plainfield, NJ.
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